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Recommended Resources for Public Procurement

The resources below are recommended for school districts seeking information regarding public procurement:

BC Bid - This is the site where most public organizations in BC advertise their competitive bid invitations to the supplier community

BC Bid Resources - An excellent source of information, this site is hosted by the BC government to assist public sector entities in navigating the complexities of public procurement

Ministry of Education K-12 Provincial Reports - The Ministry of Education reports student achievement and demographics in the B.C. K to 12 education system. Each report provides five years of data with the exception of the Class Size and Foundation Skills Assessment reports.

Ministry of Education K-12 School and District Contact Information - Reports detailing information on individual school districts or the full sector.

Municipal Finance Authority of BC - Offers an Equipment Financing Program and other financial services offered to districts.  Note that the Equipment Financing Program replaces the Leasing Program offered previously.

New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) - School districts are subject to treaty obligations as part of this trade agreement.  This link includes the full text of the agreement and other resources.  We recommend you look at the "Trade Agreements" section on the BC government website first as it is a comprehensive summary of all treaty obligations.  School districts are part of the MASH (Municipalities, Academic, Schools, Hospitals) sector.  

School District Map of BC - Interactive map showing the location of each school district in the province.  Clicking on a specific district will take the user to a list of key contacts for that district.

Trade Agreements - This is an excellent summary of trade agreement obligations prepared by the provincial government.  The dollar thresholds for adherence to treaty obligations are different depending on which sector you work within.  School districts are part of the MASH (Municipalities, Academic, Schools, Hospitals) sector.  


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