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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


The purpose of this page is to summarize for K-12 school districts all agreements for goods and services that are available for district use.  The list can be searched either by Agreement Category or by Keyword.

Each agreement includes the name of the organization that is offering it for use.  Click on the organization name to be taken to their website for additional details.  Unless otherwise indicated, please direct any questions regarding the agreement to the host organization.  Note thate ERAC agreements can be accessed by members only.  

Districts are welcome to contact the BCEM for assistance if they have any questions.

This list will be updated monthly.  Date of last update September 27, 2017.

Access Learning: Jobs People Do Career Resource (Learning Resources)
Access Learning Jobs People Do is the educator's link for student career information. The friendly one stop career resource also helps school career/guidance counsellors and teachers to look at jobs that match their students interests, by helping them discover the means by which they can attain those jobs: from subjects they need to take in high school, to the career colleges, universities, and colleges that offer the degree/diploma and training they will need.
Access Learning: Video Streaming Service (Learning Resources)
Access Learning is a Canadian web-based video streaming service with access to over 4800 complete videos and more than 40,000 video clips. The resource is designed to be a simple and intuitive solution to access streaming videos that requires no or minimal training. It provides access to a wide range of K-12 educational video content.
Accommodation - Business Travel (Travel)
Welcome to the BC Government Employees Business Travel Accommodation Listing. The hotel rates are available only to K-12 school districts that are on the Procurement Services Branch CSA User’s List while travelling on official business.
Adobe CLP (Information Technology)
ERAC has negotiated the highest discounts available for ERAC members under Adobe's volume licensing Cumulative Pricing Program (CLP) for a wide range of Adobe software products. ERAC members are strongly encouraged to review the Adobe Enterprise Agreement before making a purchase under the CLP program because the ERAC Adobe Enterprise pricing may be more favorable.
Adobe EA - Home Use Rights (HUR) (Information Technology)
Educators of Districts and Independent Schools that are currently participating in the ERAC Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) for ERAC’s Creative Cloud Bundle (includes Creative Cloud Desktop Apps, Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, Captivate & Presenter) have access to Home Use Rights (HUR) for this software, if they use it at work.
Adobe Enterprise Agreement (Information Technology)
Significant savings are available through the Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA). ERAC’s Adobe Creative Cloud for Education includes the latest versions of software desktop applications for photography, video, audio, and design.
Airlines - Air Canada (Travel)
The Air Canada agreement is a Province of BC airfare discount agreement. Please contact the BCEM for detailed instructions on how your district can access this agreement. We will send you a summary of how the Air Canada discount program works, including the discount percentage rates; a copy of the actual agreement with Air Canada; the list of Participating Partner Travel Agencies; and instructions for getting your agency added to list if they are not already a participant.
ArcGIS Online (Learning Resources)
ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform that allows students to collaborate in creating, editing and sharing interactive maps. It offers a wealth of ready-to-use resources such as basemaps and data that integrate maps, text and multimedia to analyze spatial data and tell a story.
Armoured Car Services (Administration)
This supply arrangement is for Armoured Car Services for the secure transportation of cash and other valuables.
Asset Recovery and Disposal (Administration)
This supply arrangement is provided by the Asset Investment Recovery branch of the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services for the provision of asset recovery and disposal services.


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