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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


This page summarizes all agreements for goods and services that are available for district use. The list can be searched either by Agreement Category or by Keyword.

Each agreement includes the name of the organization that is offering it for use.  Click on the organization name to be taken to their website for additional details. Unless otherwise indicated, please direct any questions regarding the agreement to the host organization. Note that ERAC agreements can be accessed by members only.  

Districts are welcome to contact the BCEM for assistance if they have any questions.

This list will be updated monthly.  Date of last update September 27, 2017.

Data Centre Services (Information Technology)
Removed from seismic zones and flood plains Data Centre services are offered in the Kamloops and Calgary Data Centre Facilities. The services include the provision of power and space for customers wishing to manage their own systems infrastructure, with optional migration and transformation services offered.
EBSCOHOST Research Solution (Learning Resources)
EBSCOHOST Information Services, provides a complete optimized research solution comprised of research databases, e-books and e-journals combined with resources to support information that is suitable for K -12 students and provides with thousands of entries on a vast range of topics and cross-references.
Edmark House Series Software (Learning Resources)
ERAC has established an agreement with IBM Canada's K-12 Division, with support from the BC Ministry of Education, to provide The Edmark House Series software to BC schools and districts at no charge. The series helps to assist Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2 children in building basic skills, both prior to their entering the school system and throughout their primary years of learning development. Access to resources is available on the Learn Now BC website, which is operated by the Virtual School Society. This interactive software program is also available for home use.
Emergency Preparedness Products (Facilities & District Operations)
Safety, emergency preparedness and response products are available to government ministries, municipalities, the broader public sector and publicly-funded agencies.
Employee Safety Monitoring Services (Facilities & District Operations)
This Employee Safety Monitoring Services supply arrangement is a safety monitoring service for workers working alone, in isolation or in settings that may be deemed unsafe or vulnerable. For example, after hours in buildings, working in dangerous terrain, driving on remote resource roads, or working with high-risk clients.
Engraving Services (Administration)
This CSA is for the provision of engraving services.
Executive Coaching (Administration)
This Supply Arrangement is for the provision of Executive Coaching services to employees at the executive level within government
Facilitation Services (Administration)
This Supply Arrangement is for facilitation services.
Finance - Equipment (Administration)
The MFA has a new equipment financing program that takes the place of our former Leasing program. Loans under this short term borrowing program will be available to both regional districts and municipalities under section 175 of the Community Charter – Liabilities under agreement. Equipment Financing loans will be available to school districts under the School Act and to Colleges and Universities under the College and Institute Act, the University Act, or, if appropriate, under separate legislation for the institution.
Follett Software - Destiny Library Manager (Learning Resources)
ERAC's agreement with Follett School Solutions for Destiny Library Manager has been revised and renewed for one year. The agreement offers discounts for districts that purchase an annual license for specific Destiny products and services. Destiny Library Manager - circulation, cataloging, searching & reporting, Destiny Textbook Manager - manages textbooks.


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