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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


BCEM provides information on two distinct sets of shared procurement agreements available to BC school districts.

  1. Agreements negotiated directly by the BCEM, usually through a competitive bid process. This includes specific contract information for participating school districts.
  2. Agreements negotiated in the broader public sector that are available to BC school districts.

For BCEM-negotiated agreements, choose BCEM Agreements.

BC Gov't Data Centre Services (Information Technology) Removed from seismic zones and flood plains, Data Centre services are offered in the Kamloops and Calgary Data Centre Facilities. ERAC EBSCOHOST (Learning Resources) This complete optimized research solution is comprised of research databases, e-books and e-journals combined with resources to support K -12. EXPIRES Jun... ERAC EDMARK House Series (Learning Resources) Build basic skills (K-2) with this interactive software program including Bailey’s Book House, Millie's Math House, Sammy’s Science House and Trudy's Time... BCEM Electrical Engineering Consulting Services (Administration) The BCEM has created a Qualified Supplier Roster of electrical consultants for projects with total fees valued at less than 75K.  The list is separated into... BC Gov't Employee Safety Monitoring Services (Facilities & District Operations) This Employee Safety Monitoring Services supply arrangement is a safety monitoring service for workers working alone, in isolation or in settings that may be... BC Gov't Engraving Services (Administration) This CSA is for the provision of engraving services. BC Gov't Executive Coaching (Administration) This Supply Arrangement is for the provision of Executive Coaching services to employees at the executive level within government. BC Gov't Facilitation Services (Administration) This Supply Arrangement is for facilitation services. MFABC Finance - Equipment - MFABC (Administration) The MFA has a new equipment financing program that takes the place of our former Leasing program.  Loans under this short term borrowing program will be... BC Gov't Fleet Vehicle Purchase (Facilities & District Operations) Vehicle Fleet Management is the administration of motor vehicles such as cars, vans and light trucks. It includes a broad range of services such as acquisition... ERAC Follett Software - Destiny Library Manager (Learning Resources) Destiny Library Manager for circulation, cataloging, searching & reporting. Destiny Textbook Manager which manages textbooks. EXPIRES Mar 31/19 BC Gov't Framing Services (Administration) This CSA is for the provision of framing services.


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