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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


This page summarizes all agreements for goods and services that are available for district use. The list can be searched either by Agreement Category or by Keyword.

Each agreement includes the name of the organization that is offering it for use.  Click on the organization name to be taken to their website for additional details. Unless otherwise indicated, please direct any questions regarding the agreement to the host organization. Note that ERAC agreements can be accessed by members only.  

Districts are welcome to contact the BCEM for assistance if they have any questions.

This list will be updated monthly.  Date of last update September 27, 2017.

Framing Services (Administration)
This CSA is for the provision of framing services.
Fuel (Facilities & District Operations)
This agreement is offered by the BCPPBG which is comprised of approximately sixty six (66) local, regional and municipal government and school board member organizations. Members are situated in one of the six (6) geographic regions made up of the Lower Mainland, Kamloops, Vancouver Island, Prince George,Terrace and Port Hardy. Collectively this group purchases fuel (gas/diesel), lubricants and used oil collection services. Contact the BCEM for information regarding how to access this contract.
Fuel (Facilities & District Operations)
This agreement is offered by TransLink and allows school districts within the Province to purchase gas and diesel under a volume pricing agreement. This agreement includes options for delivered fuel, cardlock and retail services. Some services are not available in all areas. Contact the BCEM for information regarding how to access this contract.
Gale | Cengage Learning (Learning Resources)
For Canadian K -12 students, this authoritative and reliable digital resource includes: Global Issues in Context, Science in Context Canada in Context, national Geographic Kids, and GreenR.
Garbage Bags - Custodial (Facilities & District Operations)
The BCEM has established a contract with Bunzl Canada Inc. for the purchase of garbage bags. The Bunzl group of companies include ACME Supplies, Bunzl Canada, Planet Clean and Wesclean. Contact the BCEM for information regarding how to access this contract.
Hardware (Facilities & District Operations)
Receive a discount between 6 and 25% on many hardware items when using your corporate purchasing card at RONA and Dick's Lumber. Hardware items include, but are not limited to hand tools, HVAC, storage, houseware, lighting, electrical, lumber, paint, millwork.
Hosting Services (Information Technology)
Hosting services capacity is available in two new state-of-the-art data centres in Kamloops, B.C. and Calgary, AB. The data centres are designed, built and operated to support high availability applications, enhanced system reliability and the provision of redundant networks. The data centre sites were carefully selected to minimize key risks (e.g. seismic, flood).
Ingenuity Works: All the Right Type 4 (Information Technology)
ERAC has updated its agreement with Ingenuity Works to provide member districts with a discount on All the Right Type 4 Online (ATRT4) for the 2017/18 school year. Districts and schools using ATRT3 Plus may still continue to use that version as long as it works on their computers under the terms of the ATRT3 Plus agreement that expires August 31, 2017. However, Ingenuity Works will no longer offer new ATRT3 Plus licenses as of September 1, 2017 and free customer/technical support for this version will no longer be available. Upon request, Ingenuity Works will offer customer/technical support for ATRT3 Plus on operating systems that the program was designed for.
KnowBC: Encyclopedia of British Columbia (Learning Resources)
KnowBC Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference site about the province of British Columbia. With its advanced search features teachers and students can find curriculum information for Science K – 8, Social Studies Grades 4 – 11, Civic Studies 11 and BC First Nations Studies 12 with model lessons, themes for research papers.
Learn 360 (Learning Resources)
Learn360 is a broad-based digital resources streaming service for K–12 schools. This resource includes full educational videos, video clips, audio and audiobooks, newsreel footage, audio and video speeches, music tracks, sound effects, and encyclopedia articles.


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