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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


BCEM provides information on two distinct sets of shared procurement agreements available to BC school districts.

  1. Agreements negotiated directly by the BCEM, usually through a competitive bid process. This includes specific contract information for participating school districts.
  2. Agreements negotiated in the broader public sector that are available to BC school districts.

For BCEM-negotiated agreements, choose BCEM Agreements.

BCEM Lubricants (Facilities & District Operations) This agreement is offered by the BCPPBG which is comprised of approximately sixty six (66) local, regional and municipal government and school board member... BC Gov't Mail Pick Up and Distribution (Administration) With locations across the province, BC Mail Plus provides mail pick up and distribution services for ministries, the broader public sector and publicly-funded... BC Gov't Mail Production Services (Administration) BC Mail Plus provides customized mail production service solutions for each aspect of your mail out including: document design, variable printing, inserting... BCEM Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services (Administration) The BCEM has created a Qualified Supplier Roster of mechanical consultants for projects with total fees valued at less than 75K.  The list is separated into... BCEM Mechanized Custodial Equipment (Facilities & District Operations) The BCEM has finalized the award for mechanized custodial equipment. The equipment available through this agreement includes touchless cleaning systems, dry... ERAC MediaSmarts: Passport to the Internet (Learning Resources) Helps Grades 4 - 8 students learn about secure and ethical ways to use the internet. The interactive lessons teach online safety and additional information... ERAC Microsoft Learning Essentials 2.0 (Information Technology) Use curriculum based templates and toolbars for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel through Microsoft Learning Essentials 2.0. EXPIRES Sep 11/60 ERAC Microsoft PML - E Desktop Solution (Information Technology) The ERAC Provincial Microsoft Licensing (PML) Agreement delivers the Microsoft E Desktop Solution, which gives all participants access to the latest versions... BCEM Multi-Function Devices and Printers (Administration) The BC Education Marketplace has pricing agreements in place with Konica Minolta and Xerox for Multi-Function Devices and Printers.  These agreements leverage... ERAC myBlueprint Canadian Post-Secondary and Occupation Database (Learning Resources) This database is a comprehensive collection of up-to-date programs and careers for students and are components of the myBlueprint Education Planner. EXPIRES... ERAC National Film Board (NFB) (Learning Resources) ERAC member subscribers to CAMPUS have access to over 3,400 French and English classroom-ready films, clips, and trailers. This agreement provides the largest... BCEM Natural Gas (Meters Using More Than 2K GJ Annually (Facilities & District Operations) The BCEM agreement for natural gas for meters using more than 2,000 gigajoules annually currently includes 15 participating districts.  The BCEM has a new...


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