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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


This page summarizes all agreements for goods and services that are available for district use. The list can be searched either by Agreement Category or by Keyword.

Each agreement includes the name of the organization that is offering it for use.  Click on the organization name to be taken to their website for additional details. Unless otherwise indicated, please direct any questions regarding the agreement to the host organization. Note that ERAC agreements can be accessed by members only.  

Districts are welcome to contact the BCEM for assistance if they have any questions.

This list will be updated monthly.  Date of last update September 27, 2017.

myBlueprint Canadian Post-Secondary and Occupational Database (Learning Resources)
The myBlueprint Canadian Post-Secondary and Occupational database is a comprehensive collection of up-to-date programs and careers for students and are components of the myBlueprint Education Planner.
National Film Board (Learning Resources)
ERAC members who subscribe to CAMPUS have access to over 3,400 National Film Board (NFB) French and English classroom-ready films, clips, and trailers. At no additional cost, this ERAC/NFB agreement gives ERAC members who subscribe to the Canadian Bundle have access to the NFB's online, educational streaming collection, the largest collection of Canadian media content available to educators.
Natural Gas (Meters Using More Than 2K GJ Annually) (Facilities & District Operations)
The BCEM agreement for natural gas for meters using more than 2,000 gigajoules annually currently includes 23 participating districts. The current agreement covers the dates November 1, 2016 - October 31, 2017. The BCEM has a new agreement in place for the upcoming period November 1, 2017 - October 31, 2018. Please contact the BCEM for more information.
Network Communications & Collaboration Services (NCCS) (Information Technology)
This Network Communications & Collaboration Services (NCCS) supply arrangement delivers voice, video and data network services for ministries and broader public sector organizations.
Office Furniture and Associated Services (Administration)
Office furniture is available from reputable manufacturers with sales representatives (resellers) across the province. This supply arrangement is for the provision of office furniture and associated services.
Office Supplies (Administration)
This supply arrangement is a Master Standing Agreement for the supply of office supplies and stationery. It is managed by the Distribution Centre Victoria in the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services.
Office Supplies and Stationery (Administration)
BCEM members are now able to participate in the recently awarded BCNET agreement with Staples Business Advantage. BC school districts can save on basic office supplies, IT supplies, furniture, general paper, toner and ink, etc. with online pricing discounts up to 88%. For full details, contact the BCEM.
Paper Towels & Toilet Tissue (Facilities & District Operations)
The BCEM has established a contract with Wood Wyant and Bunzl Canada Inc. for the purchase of paper towels and toilet tissue. The Bunzl group of companies include ACME Supplies, Bunzl Canada, Planet Clean and Wesclean. Contact the BCEM for information regarding how to access this contract.
Playground Equipment (Facilities & District Operations)
The following supply arrangement is for the provision of playground equipment.
Polycoms (Communications)
This supply arrangement is for audio visual goods and services including Polycoms.


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