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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


This page summarizes all agreements for goods and services that are available for district use. The list can be searched either by Agreement Category or by Keyword.

Each agreement includes the name of the organization that is offering it for use.  Click on the organization name to be taken to their website for additional details. Unless otherwise indicated, please direct any questions regarding the agreement to the host organization. Note that ERAC agreements can be accessed by members only.  

Districts are welcome to contact the BCEM for assistance if they have any questions.

This list will be updated monthly.  Date of last update September 27, 2017.

SMART Board Interactive Displays (Audio Visual)
SMART invented SMART Boards. Now they’ve reinvented them. Built with state of the art touch and collaboration technology and based on over 25 years as an industry leader, SMART interactive displays offer students and teachers an unrivalled natural learning experience. Significant volume discounts are available to ERAC members purchasing SMART Board Interactive Displays.
SMART Learning Suite (Information Technology)
One simple pricing model. Millions of enriching experiences. Combine lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software in this comprehensive education suite. Best of all, you get these 4 leading education software platforms for one simple price. Includes: SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART response 2, and SMART amp. Significant volume discounts are available for ERAC members buying SMART Learning Suite!
SOCAN Agreement (Copyright)
ERAC has renewed its agreement with the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). This agreement covers all non-educational uses of music in schools and means that schools will not be required to individually purchase annual "public performance of music" licences or acquire single-event licences for most individual events that are not covered under the Copyright Act "educational purposes" exemption.
Stationery Supplies (Administration)
This supply arrangement is a Master Standing Agreement for the supply of office supplies and stationery. It is managed by the Distribution Centre Victoria in the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services.
Student Furniture (Facilities & District Operations)
The BCEM has established contracts with Educan School Furniture, Grand & Toy Limited and Schoolhouse Products for the purchase of single-student desks (tables) and chairs. Contact the BCEM for information regarding how to access this contract.
Synrevoice Communications System (Communications)
The ERAC-Synrevoice agreement on SchoolConnects, the fully hosted version of the company's popular communications system, has been renewed for 3 more years. ERAC discounts on school only subscriptions are now available in this new agreement.
Tires and Tubes (Facilities & District Operations)
This supply arrangement is for the supply of tires, tubes and related services.
Translation and Interpretation Services (Administration)
This supply arrangement is for translation and interpretation services.
Travel Card (Administration)
Commercial card services (aka travel cards) simplify payment for goods and services by consolidating purchases to a single account. Other benefits of the Commercial Card program include providing staff with a convenient payment option, reducing travel advances and facilitating payment of reimbursable expenses (e.g. hotels, car rentals)
Trimble: SketchUp Pro (Learning Resources)
Trimble SketchUp Pro is K-12 no-charge 3D Modelling student software suite where they can create 3D models (from scratch or using existing data), import drawing, CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery and other information.


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