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Menstrual Products Announcement

September 30, 2019

Focused Education Resources is pleased to announce that Grand & Toy has been selected through a competitive tender process as the supply partner for Menstrual Products.

Grand & Toy has teamed with HOSPECO to provide Focused Education Resources and the K-12 Education Sector with a comprehensive package of supplies, dispensers, and disposal receptacles to support School Districts and the Province of British Columbia be at the forefront of providing students with access to menstrual products free of charge, helping support their full participation in school activities, reducing stigma, and promoting gender equality.

We know School Districts have been actively developing plans for meeting the 2019 timeline and, likely, awaiting this announcement to move to the implementation phase of your program.  Additional information for this page is in progress however School Districts do not have to wait to engage Grand & Toy.  The team is ready to discuss your needs.

Primary Contact

Colin Coote

Senior Product Specialist | Facilities Resources


Secondary Contact

Mike Neumann

Key Account Manager | Commercial


The award expands Grand & Toys’ relationship with the K-12 Education Sector, adding Menstrual Products alongside existing agreements for Fine Paper and Classroom Furniture.

What You’ll Get

  • Competitively priced equipment and supplies for all your menstrual products needs
  • Range of dispenser and disposal receptacle options
  • Dedicated account representatives to deliver professional and responsive customer service in a timely manner
? For any questions and/or concerns, please contact -