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BCEM Services for School Districts


BCEM offers cost and administrative savings through collaborative procurement for the K-12 sector. We establish shared contracts for select goods and services and we provide support for best procurement practices.

BCEM services are meant to complement procurement activities at the individual district level, not replace them. As BCEM contracts are accessed and used, districts will be able to redirect the resources saved.

For general or strategic questions about the BCEM and its activities, contact:

Kelly Pollack
Executive Director


For questions about BCEM projects or procurement related issues, contact:

Michael Frost
Director of Procurement


To join an active BCEM agreement, contact:

Agreements for District Use

Our Agreements page includes a list of broader public sector agreements available for school district use. You can quickly locate and access details of agreements from BCEM, ERAC, the Province of BC and other public partners.

Procurement Projects

BCEM partners with subject matter experts from BC Districts, creating teams to research, develop and implement collaborative procurement strategies for specific goods or services.

We leverage existing relationships and BCASBO Zone operating structures to create project teams.

Project structures ensure that contracts provide districts with the right products for the best value. To provide cost savings and administrative efficiencies, BCEM contracts are based on an appropriate configuration of districts - regional, provincial, etc.

Sector Partners

BCEM works with other partners (ERAC, EDCO, ASDT, Province of BC – Procurement Services Branch) to share ideas, coordinate initiatives and streamline services.

? For any questions and/or concerns, please contact -