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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


Focused Education provides information on two distinct sets of shared procurement agreements available to BC school districts.

  1. Agreements established by Focused Education, usually through a competitive tender process. This includes specific contract information for participating school districts.
  2. Agreements established in the broader public sector that are available to BC school districts.

For Focused Education-established agreements, choose Focused Education Agreements.

BCEM Auto Parts (Facilities & District Operations) The BCEM has established a Standing Offer with NAPA Autoparts.  Working with representation throughout British Columbia, NAPA Auto Parts has done a competitive... ERAC BC Digital Classroom (Learning Resources) ***Updated July 2019*** Welcome to the improved BC Digital Classroom, designed to specifically meet the individual needs of Districts and Schools! BCEM Bus Parts (Facilities & District Operations) Focused Education has established a Standing Offer with Inland, a BC company with 18 locations across our province and a total of 36 locations across Canada.  ... BCEM Bus Route Optimization Software (Facilities & District Operations) The BCEM has established a provincial contract for bus route optimization software. We are pleased to announce that the contract has been awarded to Tyler... ERAC CanoeKids (Learning Resources) ERAC has reached an agreement with Canoe Kids to make Volumes 1, 2 and 3 available to members at discounted prices.  Canoe Kids digital magazines celebrate the... ERAC CBC: Curio (Learning Resources) Good news for CBC Curio users! has now been added to the menu of optional resources available for purchase with your BC Digital Classroom Core... BC Gov't Cell Phones, Mobile Devices & Data Sticks (Communications) This CSA includes cell phones, mobile devices, internet data sticks, related service features, options and equipment. BCEM Civil / Geotechnical / Environmental Engineering Consulting Services (Administration) The BCEM has created a Qualified Supplier Roster of civil/geotechnical/environmental engineering consulting services for projects with total fees value at less... BC Gov't Cloud BC (Information Technology) Facilitating the successful adoption of cloud computing services in the British Columbia Public Sector. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers on-demand... BC Gov't Commercial Card Services (Administration) Commercial card services simplify payment for goods and services by consolidating purchases to a single account. This program includes, but is not limited to,... BC Gov't Computer and Laptop Accessories (Information Technology) This Supply Arrangement is provided by the Distribution Centre Victoria branch of the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services for the... BCEM Computers - Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets (Information Technology) The BC Education Marketplace has agreements in place with 3 suppliers for laptops, notebooks and tablet computers.  The agreements are for Dell, HP and Lenovo...


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