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Agreements Available for K-12 School District Use


Focused Education provides information on two distinct sets of shared procurement agreements available to BC school districts.

  1. Agreements established by Focused Education, usually through a competitive tender process. This includes specific contract information for participating school districts.
  2. Agreements established in the broader public sector that are available to BC school districts.

For Focused Education-established agreements, choose Focused Education Agreements.

BC Gov't Shredding - On Site (Administration) This supply arrangement is for the secure ON-site destruction (shredding) of protected documents. ERAC SMART Board Interactive Displays (Audio Visual) SMART invented SMART Boards. Now they’ve reinvented them. Built with state of the art touch and collaboration technology and based on over 25 years as an... ERAC SMART Learning Suite (Audio Visual) One simple pricing model. Millions of enriching experiences. Combine lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software in... ERAC SOCAN Agreement (Copyright) Renewed agreement with the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). This agreement covers all non-educational uses of music in... BCEM Structural Engineering Consulting Services (Administration) The BCEM has created a Qualified Supplier Roster of structural engineering consultants for projects wtih total fees valued at less than $75K.  The list is... BCEM Student Furniture (Facilities & District Operations) Focused Education has established contracts with Grand & Toy Limited and Schoolhouse Products for the purchase of single-student desks (tables) and chairs. ERAC TEACH Magazine (Learning Resources) ERAC has reached an agreement with TEACH Magazine to offer four of its digital graphic novels at discounted ERAC prices. These novels are offered as à la carte... ERAC The Maclean's Archives (Learning Resources) The Maclean's Archives:  Global Eagle and the Visual Education Center bring you The Maclean's Archives, available as either a standalone digital library or as... BCEM Tires - School Bus & Maintenance Fleet, and Associated Services (Facilities & District Operations) Focused Education Resources is pleased to announce Standing Offer Agreements are extended with Goodyear, KAL Tire, MICHELIN until December 31, 2021. . BC Gov't Tires and Tubes (Facilities & District Operations) This supply arrangement is for the supply of tires, tubes and related services. BC Gov't Translation & Interpretation Services (Administration) This supply arrangement is for translation and interpretation services. ERAC Trimble: SketchUp Pro (Learning Resources) This is a K - 12 non-charge 3D modelling software suite where students can create and present their ideas from scratch or existing data such as, imported...


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